GooseI could tell for the last few months Goose’s back legs had been sore and/or weak. He’d primarily walk on his front legs going down stairs and would easily give in when playing with his (very rambunctious) little sister. Last Saturday he wouldn’t jump out of the car and I knew it was because of his back. I literally had to lift all 115lbs of him out of the car. Thankfully I had you booked for an hour Sunday morning and I was hoping it would give him some relief. Well when I got him back from you, he was back to his usual sprite self! He was more bouncy and had much more movement in all of his limbs. He can stand up faster and is more stable when going down for a sit. So thank you thank you! I’m pretty sure Goose knows the word “massage” now! 🙂
— Samantha Louras, owner of Goose the Great Dane

Both Zen massage and the leashes are amazing! Julie’s touch with animals is remarkable–she spent time with my jittery beagle and he relaxed, and clearly adored her. The leashes are gorgeous- high quality, lovely bright colors and beautiful brass. I highly, highly recommend both!
— Susan Chauncey Horky, owner of Boogie the Beagle


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your massage on Maggie yesterday.
I was a little skeptical of the whole process at the beginning but after seeing the results, the immediate results!, I am a believer.  Before you came yesterday Maggie would “slap” her rear leg down as she was walking and would frequently take clumsy steps, as a very active dog, this was an unusual behavior for her and was becoming a concern. Also when she was running, chasing or being chased by my kids she recently started to “bunny hop” her rear-end instead of the fluid running motion that was her norm.  After her time with you, she had become much more fluid both in walking and running and in her normal locomotion around the house. She spent the rest of the day following the family around and seemed to be happy to be around us! Thank you for your time and energy, Maggie loved every minute of it and it was like you turned back the clock for her!
–Todd Zahurak, owner of Maggie the Black Lab

My 75lb boxer turns to mush within two minutes of his massage, he looks forward to me going away because he knows he will get to go to Fenway Bark and see Julie!
–Jana Pinkerton, owner of Zagi the Boxer


Maddie has benefited so much from her 30 minute massages with Julie! As a 3 year old French Bulldog, she is all muscle, and as her day care providers tell me, she “plays hard” with other dogs. Maddie can also be quite anxious as she sees her role as protecting us from the universe.  The massage calms her and she visibly relaxes, completely enjoying every minute with Julie.
— Karen Edlund, owner of Maddie the French Bulldog

Thank you Zen Animal Massage for making Yeager feel so good! You are the best!
— Dave Skoletsky, owner of Yeager the Belgian Malinois and Guiness Book of Records World Record holder for the Highest Vertical Jump at 8’4″ feet high


The massage was phenomenal. Cider has been totally chill since they left. She has never even met Julie and she practically fell asleep! I had no clue my bunny was capable of sitting still for more than 30 seconds!
— Katie Dalo, owner of Cider the Lop Eared Rabbit


Thank you for coming to our office and giving the little man such a divine massage.  He clearly enjoyed it.  I enjoyed learning techniques and developing a deeper understanding of his body and touch for him.  I do like to think about his little skeleton and his little strong muscles when I’m petting him, but I’ve never thought about his “digits” or facial “cheeks” or his “forehead”!  I appreciate your massage notes as well.
–Tita, owner of Je Tzun

Jake, my 6 yr old Greyhound, had back surgery for a bulging disk (hemilaminectomy) 3 weeks ago. I am a Veterinary Technician and was concerned about his recovery, especially in regards to his huge scar, muscle tightness and possible adhesions around the scar. Julie came to my house, gave Jake a massage and showed me some techniques to help with his recovery. As an aside, physical therapy is also and essential part of recovery with this surgery.
— Dez Marcello, owner of Jake the Greyhound

All I can say is WOW!!! You totally rocked our world this weekend!! Abby, Molly, and Taho cannot thank you enough for keeping them all stretched, relaxed, and HAPPY this weekend!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such good care of our pups!! You are amazing and we look forward to seeing you real soon!
–Jennifer Dalton, owner of Abby, Molly and Taho – Award Winning Dock Dogs

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