ZEN Animal Massage, from Somerville, MA offers massage and bodywork to canines, felines and any other animal under 200 pounds – from rabbits to emus! Whether you have a companion animal, agility dog, show animal, or service dog, massage is a great way to maintain your pet’s health and well-being, along with regular veterinary visits.

Massage and bodywork are gentle and non-invasive therapies that can bring relaxation, rehabilitation, and rejuvenation to the muscles and joints of your pet.  Among many other benefits, massage can relieve pain and swelling, reduce stress, aid arthritic joints, provide enrichment and increase relaxation, all of which can bring about positive behavior change in animals.

You can also pair massage with other services. For examples, animals often feel anxious before grooming and training; massage treatments done beforehand can reduce stress and anxiety in your pet and increase their level of relaxation.  Once relaxed they accept these services with more comfort and ease, making it easier on them as well as the provider.

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